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We make learning French or English easy

Already speak French or English?

Then learning a language at Lemania is even easier! You have complete freedom to choose your French or English class, with no commitment. 

We make learning French or English easy

Lemania Languages is conveniently located in the centre of Lausanne, just a stone’s throw from the train station. The school can cater to requests of all types, with programs for students, working professionals, businesses and government bodies, as well as preparatory classes for tests and university entrance exams.


Quick and commitment-free

Enrolling on French or English classes is straightforward. The process takes a few minutes to complete. To enrol, simply complete the form, scan it, then send it to us. You can also enrol online in as little as three minutes.

On average, it takes 9 minutes and 8 seconds to complete the online enrolment process. Source: Google Analytics, October 2016

How to enrol

No commitment

When you enrol on French or English classes at Lemania Languages, you’re free to walk away whenever you like, and there are no cancellation charges to pay*.


It really is that simple!

 * If you enrol for more than one month and you want to stop attending classes part-way through a week, we’ll only charge you for the current and subsequent weeks (and not for any other months you signed up for). If you’ve already paid upfront, we’ll refund you for subsequent months.

The choice is yours!


A free, no-commitment, two-hour trial class for everyone

Do you want to try our language classes before signing up?

Enrol for a free two-hour French or English class at our school. You can decide later whether you want to enrol.

You can also take a no-commitment online assessment to help us decide which French or English class and level is right for you.

All our teachers are native English speakers and are trained and experienced in preparing learners for exams and life in the workplace.

Thousands of learners have chosen us over the past 80 years. Will you join them?

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